dj Q&A

1. How would you describe your style?

My style is your live. Whatever you're into, I will change and make it happen. Because of my experience as a performing entertainer, I know how to mix the right blend of music for all to enjoy. 

2. Can we come listen to the band perform?

 Absolutely you can. Before you book any band, we highly endorse and recommend you ask for a private showcase. Also, make sure the agency is willing to put all the band member names on the agreement. 

3. How do we choose our music for our event?

Many local bands play the same OLD songs on every event. Not us! We recognize that know two events are ever the same. Our playlist change according to our next client vision.  After you select the songs, watch us make it happen.     

4. Are the band members permanent or sub musicians?

Buyer beware! Many band leaders and booking agents use substitute musicians. What does that mean for your party? Songs played too long and a very limited playlist. Good luck with that!  The KJ All-Stars actually practice each week and we're all permanent band members. What you see and hear is the REAL. 

5. What do the band typically wear?

Unless requested by you, our ladies always dressed in black Formal gowns and our men always dress in black Tuxedo attire. We also have the 1920's Gatsby, the 1970's Disco and an all White attire available. 

6. How many hours are included in the package?

Typically our agreements are set for (4) events hours. The band can perform up to 2-4 (45)min dance sets with a 15-20 minute break. The actual dance sets are determined by your final event reception time line.  

7. Do you have another wedding event before or after ours?

Absolutely not! Our attention and dedication is your party and special day. We never book multiple events or weddings in a day. If you're considering reserving a band like this, "client beware!" why take the chance on your day for a disaster or band/agency to send you a "Bait & Switch" substitute band?

8. What time will you arrive for setup?

Our arrival, load in and setup time is determinded by your final time line. Typically we like to arrive 2.5 hours before your guest and completely setup  (1) half hour before the reception start time.   

9. Will the band handle reception announcements?

Yes, when you book us direct, we work direct with you regarding the bridal party announcements. We also work direct with your planner or day of coordinator regarding names for your toasting/speeches. 

10. What's your sick-day policy?

For extra security for both our protection, we have additional vocalist and musicians available should one of our members become sick or unable to make your event. We have it covered. 

11. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we carry our own liability insurance. Should your venue require us to add them to our policy as an additional insured. No problem, please have them call us direct.   

12. What's your cancellation policy?

In all our many years of booking, we have never cancelled an event. Should we ever have to do so, it is truly do to an act of God. Nevertheless, should we have to cancel an event, you have two option, to book one of our available and highly endorsed sister bands or receive a full refund of all monies paid.