Hi, Chris, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the phenomenal job Keith did at my wedding. He was absolutely outstanding, 5 stars!!!  Keith has such a beautiful voice! I received TONS of compliments that night on how great he performed at the ceremony! The young people also really loved the DJ breaks, so it's great that we got the benefit of mixing the DJ'd music with the band! We all were really able to get out there and dance!! 

Please also feel free to use me as a reference!!

Thank you!!

Ginger Burnett


We had such an amazing time with Keith the DJ!! He has such a great handle on his soulful mix sound combined with an awesome pop mix sound that truly creates a magical time out on the dancefloor!  We really loved that he allowed us to come and hear him mix in person in the studio before our event. It calmed our nerves to get a sneak peek at what we were going to get on the big day and we were even dancing around the studio -- His mixes are infectious!  He did such a great job with our event, molding to different requests with different little events and performances we had planned throughout the evening (flashmob, swing dance etc) and making everything go smoothly.  I literally danced the entire NIGHT! Thanks for everything!!!


OMG! What can I say! Keith you are amazing! You truly made my entrance song wth your beautiful voice. Many of our guest thought it was a recorded version of "I Can't Help Falling In Love" until you stood up and hit that high note. Thank you thank you thanks you.

Mr, Ceremony performed live our my wedding ceremony. We met with hime before our bug day and after meeting I'm, we knew we were in great hands. My finance asked him, embarrassingly, why are you doing weddings? you should be on tour. Keith looked at us both and calmly said, your wedding day is my tour. This is what I do! After hearing him sing, WOW! He was right, we felt like we had our own private concert!!!!